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Yes, I'm back to active photography. Yipee. And posting too, hopefully. For now, check this picture out and vote for it :)

Edit: Have no idea why there are multiple copies of the script below. Will fix soon. Got to go, class.


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Springtime Stories from IIM Lucknow (Part 2)

In continuation to my earlier post, a few more attempts with the camera:
The first of these was recommended by DK(Thanks DK!).

Desert Princess
A lone star in these skies of sand, a lone spark in the dark night, a flower smiles out nonetheless.

The Red Lane
Rows of red greet us as we tread the path to the PGP block.

Lady Petunia
Sitting pretty by herself!

Ugly Duckling
Still some time to go before the swan emerges, while all the other ducks smirk in the background.(Thanks Kushal, for the name)

Thats it for now. Watch this space for more as spring unfolds further.

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Spring is in the air. The blooming(pun unintended) paradox of sweating through the days and freezing through the nights notwithstanding, the campus looks enchanting.

My neighbour is especially smitten by the internal landscape and sees no reason for the rest of the world to not be so as well. Therefore my camera is brought forth upon suggestion and off I go to click around. Assorted results:

The Chintan Bouquet
This is the pretty display right outside Chintan, our faculty building, of which a part is visible.

Red Eye Seduction
A new born poppy opens its eye to the world.

Burgundy Solitude
A burgundy pansy turns away from the dying sun as if to mourn its companion one final time.

Almost Daffodils
How I wish these were daffodils so I could quote Wordsworth here. In the background is Samadhan, the administration block.

Blowing in the Wind
A poppy stands its ground in the sudden (but brief) breeze that appeared during lunch hour. Yours truly just had happened to have the camera with her.

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Mama Mia (B-School Edit)

I love sleeping since I don't know when,
So I've been thinking, B-School was a mistake then,
Look at me now, will I ever learn?
I don't know how but I suddenly lose control
There's a fire within my soul
Just 20 winks and my head starts to ring,
20 more winks and I forget everything, o-o-o-oh

Mamma mia, its lecture time again,
My my, its already 8:32,
Mamma mia, didnt night just fall?
My my, I'm not getting any sleep at all...
Yes, I've been FINMANed and MANACed,
Blue since the day OM attacked,
Why, why did I ever let my tech job go?
Mamma mia, now I really know,
B-School is where eggheads go.

I've been angry and paranoid about the things that I did
I can't count all the times that I've told myself this is it,
And I tell myself never say never,
Yet I think I know I'll be stuck here forever,
I know that I'm not that strong.
Just 20 winks and my head starts to ring,
20 more winks and I forget everything, o-o-o-oh

Just feeling bored, people, thats all. Forgive me.

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Cynic Files v1.0

You go through life being a cynic. You believe nothing can shake your faith in the unfaithful. You believe the warning signs do not apply to you, because, hey, you wrote most of them. You know what they are saying, and then some. So you carry on walking, regardless. You know how far to go right?

And then, you find the mirage. I mean THE mirage you believed couldnt exist. You do not believe your eyes. You feel this is what you have been looking for. You walk up to it, then incredulously touch it. Its real. Solid. Should you go inside? Or should you stay in the courtyard and bask in the sunlight and in the glory of the knowledge that the God you never believed in proved you wrong. So you lie in wait, almost expecting the edifice to vapourise.... waiting waiting... until you decide, what the heck, you are taking the chance.

I'm going in!

Then, you look for the door. There are none. Are there windows? There surely must be!! Oh yes, found one... left suspiciously open. Oh well, never mind. Its only open for me right? Only for me! Lets get inside. So you step in. Its for real. Everything you imagined. Here and now. You was right. It was not a dream.

Everything thing I saw in that vision long ago, and had given up hope for. Everything. Shall I stay here?

I think I will.

Tick tock tick tock. Hmmm. Time flies by. I get hungry, sleepy, tired. The joy of discovery wanes into the anxiousness of expectation. The window had opened into a room. It had doors. Real wooden doors. Time to try them. Open one... Oh no, its locked. Another one...thats locked too... the last one, AHA! Bingo...but wait... it leads outside!!

Hmmm. I gather my stuff, my paraglide, my sunglasses, my thoughts. The way out of here is the only way to go. But which way should I take? The window I came through of the door thats been shown to me? The I realise the only way to get back to the world I came from is the window. The door leads to another world.

So through the window I go, back the way I came. It was nice knowing the place exists. I also know once I leave it, I shall never find it again. Tough choice, but its made. A visit once is more than enough. I belong in my cave. This time, I shall not leave. The cynic lives.

Soup, anyone?

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I love the view from my balcony : Part II

Well here we go again... my modest attempts with my camera (For those who want to know, its a Sony CyberShot DSC P200 (Wide viewing range) 7.2 Megapixel Camera. By no means a professional camera, but with enough knobs and controls for me to fool around with, I can say it isnt exactly point and shoot either).

Here are some late evening and night shots...delayed exposure and all that jazz which I really do not understand... apparently there is something called a 2/3 rule in photography which someone pointed out to me... even more surprising is the fact that I usually naturally follow it...goddamn!!!

"All thats best of dark and bright"
-Long exposure, so excuse the slight fuzziness of the moon and stars. They move a bit, y'know.

"Peek a Boo"
-Ah, the moon, she teases me with her game...Not taken from my balcony I must confess, rather from below it.

-Taken on the best day of my life... reasons are not very obvious I suppose, but even so, I hope you like the picture anyway. What weather... sigh!... perfect for a stroll...or a drive? My balcony is blessed, or so I would like to believe.At least that day. All hail the skies of Lucknow!

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To see my dreams and make them real,
This power he possesses,
My life and love will fuse to one,
By a mere touch to the tresses.
For this power I shall not forget,
I shall not forgive, I shall not regret.

All I willed and allowed me to feel,
Was pity for your aim to steal,
Me from my mind's parachute,
Feel my sting, here and now,
For, my consciousness is absolute.
And any time I do otherwise suggest,
It is but a ruse, a test.

You shall forever try to belong,
But you shall remain sold for a song,
A song I sing, a song I pen,
A song I hold, a song I bin.
Forever I hold you in your trap,
The one that you once helped strap.

Together we began, together to transcend,
The evil depth of this bend,
Together we bleed, together we cry,
For the time to even repent has gone by.
Pathetic is what I called you once,
And then by a sad twist of chance,
I let you in, and caught you in time,
Without even the knowledge of your crime.

A cruel fate I subject you to thus,
A sinner's choice, but choose I must,
For, when the tide recedes,
And sensibility precedes,
Your vengeance shall be mine.

For no fault of your own estate,
You choose to seek and then to elate,
You presumed I like what I seem to like,
You presumed I heard what you seemed to mike,
Oh what a folly it was to presume thus,
For then and there, we drowned in that mist,
And we lit the fire that consumed us.

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I love the view from my balcony :)

Yes, I know I should be studying, but sometimes, nature conspires against me. Why oh why, does every evening bring to me new wonder and awe? I could get get used to this... but then again, I hope I do not. I love my balcony :)

These are a series of photos taken from my balcony (Room 128, IIML) over the duration 14th July to today.

Here by popular demand! If anyone would like a larger resolution, do drop by with a USB drive. Alternatively, if you think I really like you, you could request one by email.

On July 14th 2006:

"View from Isengard"

On July 30th 2006:

"Curtained sky"

On August 07, 2006:

"Vulpine fantasy"

Today, 20 minutes ago:
"After the rain has fallen"

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Everyone's a poet

He walks up to me; all of a fluff,
Takes a bow and then brings this up,
Hey Riddhi, I’ve heard you write,
And mentions his blog and extends an invite,
So did you read my latest effort?
Forgive me but I must have overlooked it,
So there I sit, dimly aware,
Of impending torture, while at me he stares,
As I read, he watches my expressions,
I’m being euphemistic, I meant contortions,
For everyone’s a poet, everyone can write,
All u need is Google and a rhyming website.

He starts off well, he talks of dreams,
And then likens them to milk and cream,
He touches upon beauty, he touches upon grace,
And subsequently his elegance vanishes without trace,
He wrote this piece with a passionate fire,
But his words seem fitted together with barb wire,
Fitted? No, wedged, is the word I’ll choose,
Oh! The metaphors he has managed to use.
This part isn’t even the most atrocious,
He’s managed to include supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
And I would appreciate if his little twists
Did not remind one of resident word lists,
Oh! How cruelly he sows the lines,
If I were you, I would jump off an incline,
A violent death seems more pleasant,
Than to confront your poem's dead end.
And in the end he tries to be risqué,
To grace us with another gaping mistake.

I hope you will learn, and none too soon,
That there is noise and then there is tune,
And when talking about your lady’s charm
Do try not to bring in a graveyard’s calm,
For as composed and collected as she might be
Your misguided efforts will set her free,
Of any faith she might have had,
In your abilities with the pen and pad.
You may be a poet, you may be a writer,
But in pure silence your prospects shall be brighter,
Try you hand at embroidery instead,
For you are a living justification, for things left unsaid.

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For the conqueror of the other side ;)

The morning breeze softly caressing,
Chirping birds eagerly addressing,
A farewell hushed,time's forever unwilling,
To bear the guilt of a separation so gruelling,
Counting moments by the minute,
I think of you and become a sinner.
Two ways we go, two lives astray,
Coloured with you, and now so gray,
The hope that keeps, our paths intertwine,
Destiny I don't believe in, until to you I am destined.
The ties that fuse, the smile that binds,
The laugh so potent, my resistance lies,
Dreams lighter than a duskian smirk,
Aware of neither magnitude nor worth,
Of the hours of blissful slumber sacrificed,
For this fool's wish for thine muted voice,
In that black light, the sounds they come alive,
The distance melts and collects aside,
The time blurs into a feathery haze,
When you live for the nights,
And wish away the days...

For when I say, a reason is all I wanted,
Speaking I was, about this enchantress enchanted.

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